Tool box 35cm

Kr 625
A neat and beautiful tool box that can also be used to store small things. The cabinet is molded from a single sheet of steel that is powder-coated in a matte finish. The lid is slightly raised to give more space in the box and on top is a round handle without sharp edges. The casket can be locked with a padlock. It is durable, functional and lightweight.

The toolbox is also coming in other colors and sizes.

Established in 1969, Toyo Steel was the first company in the world to successfully develop deep drawing technology to create a seamless steel toolbox from a single sheet of steel.

The result is a simple, durable and robust, yet beautifully designed toolbox with "Made in Japan" quality.

Their products have been awarded the "Good Design Award" and the "Long Life Design Award" and have been loved for more than half a century.

  • Material:Powder-coated matt steel
  • Dimensions:L: 350mm W: 140mm H: 115mm
  • Weight:1.3 kg
  • Color:White
  • Country of origin:Japan