Växbo Lin

Växbo Linen Våga Tablecloth 160x400cm Black/Unbleached

Kr 7.050

Våga is a linen cloth with an exciting structure that you do not need to iron or roll. After washing, the fabric shrinks slightly into small, narrow waves. The cloth should either be dried flat on a surface that can withstand moisture or hung as straight as possible. The cloth will be longer if you stretch it while it is damp.

The cloth can be ironed or rolled if you want the surface to be smooth, which will make the cloth a little longer.

By using a tablecloth base, the tablecloth will lie nice and firm and will not slide on the surface of the table. It will also protect the dining table against shocks, moisture and stains.

Växbo Lin was founded in 1990 and is a Swedish company that spins and weaves its products from 100% linen in Hälsingland in Sweden. In 2006, Hanna & Jacob Bruce bought the factory, and continued the operation with a vision to develop durable, beautiful, linen products based on artisanal traditions. Växbo lin are specialists in linen and throughout the entire process, from choosing linen quality, dyeing and even the sewing thread they use, focus on environmentally friendly production. The line comes from France and Belgium.

  • Material:100% linen
  • Color:Black and Unbleached
  • Dimensions:160x400cm
  • Wash at 60°C.
  • Before the first wash, it pays to put the cloth in lukewarm water for 1 hour. This softens the linen fibers and makes the cloth less wrinkled.
  • Wash with high water level in the machine (own function) and low spin (600-800 revolutions).
  • Hang the cloth to dry, and iron it when it is semi-dry. The cloth must not be tumble dried.
  • The cloth shrinks approx. 5-7% from the stated measurements.