Växbo Lin

Växbo Linen Bubble Bath Towel 90x150cm Umbra

Kr 1.335

A large and delicious bath towel in 100% linen. Linen has the unique property that it absorbs moisture better and dries faster than any other natural material. A perfect towel to take with you both to the beach and on your travels as it also takes up very little space!

Växbo Lin was founded in 1990 and is a Swedish company that spins and weaves its products from 100% linen in Hälsingland in Sweden. In 2006, Hanna & Jacob Bruce bought the factory, and continued the operation with a vision to develop durable, beautiful, linen products based on artisanal traditions. Växbo lin are specialists in linen and throughout the entire process, from choosing linen quality, dyeing and even the sewing thread they use, focus on environmentally friendly production. The line comes from France and Belgium.

  • Material:100% linen, grown and spun in Sweden.
  • Dimensions:90x150cm
  • Color:Umbra

Wash at 60°C. The towel loses excess fibers in the beginning, so it's a good idea to wash it separately the first few times and find it
the washing program that takes in the largest amount of water. Do not tumble dry.