Noor Keramikk

Vase Stoneware Brush-glazed Red

Kr 2.500

Lovely s tengodvase from Noor Ceramics . The glaze gives the vase a warm and retro look. The vase is turned and brush glazed .

The vase is unique.

Britt Aasegg is behind Noor Keramik and started with ceramics when she lived in Malaysia in the period 2011-2014. Since 2016, she has been an assistant for Liv I Leire at Bærums Verk and in recent years she has also been a course instructor. Aasegg is inspired by the philosophy she learned through the ceramics in Malayasia; "Embracing the Beauty in Imperfection." It embraces the natural and simple beauty in and around us. Aasegg's works are all different and at the same time part of a whole. Behind each object lies the joy of creation, a good portion of patience and a lot of love!

  • Material:Stoneware
  • Dimensions:H15cm, Ø10cm. Opening 3cm. Bottom 5cm
  • Color:Brown, Red