Therese Enger

Therese Enger Centered Scarf Blue/Purple

Kr 1.600

Supplier: Therese Enger
Material: 75% Wool, 25% Silk
Dimensions: 65x180cm
Colour: Blue, purple
Washing instructions: Can be washed gently by hand. Follow the washing instructions on the scarf.

The scarf "Centered" has a decorative print in beautiful blue tones. It is soft and warm and is equally beautiful on both sides. The edges of the scarf are sewn.

Therese Enger

Therese Enger paints beautiful and colorful motifs inspired by the nature around her. She lives in Hamar in Norway and her works reflect the change in color and light throughout the day or a season. After completing a painting, she often chooses to transfer the motifs to textiles. She uses wool, cashmere or silk in her scarves, and it is almost magic to see how her paintings are transformed into a beautiful and exclusive scarf.