Stefan Papir

Cutting mat A3 30x45cm

Kr 245

The cutting mat is made up of 3 layers. It has a hard PVC in the core and soft PVC on both sides. It can therefore be used on both sides. One side is light gray with a white grid in centimeters, while the other is dark gray with a black grid in centimeters.

The surface of the mat will close after a cut so that you always have a smooth surface to cut against. But avoid cutting too much at an angle into the mat and also vary where you cut so that the mat will last longer.

IMPORTANT: PVC is sensitive to heat and cold. The mat must therefore not lie in direct sunlight. It must also not be used as a base for a laptop or transported outside in cold temperatures. If it is exposed to this, the cutting mat can wave or fold.

Stefan Papir offers products with a simple and timeless design. They also focus on sustainability and use a lot of recycled or recyclable raw materials for our products.
Stefan Papir has a warehouse at Tøyen in Oslo and is run by Stefan and Yanni. Stefan is responsible for design, purchasing and product development. He has an art education and has worked with paper since 2001. Through his long experience as a buyer and department manager at the paper department at Norway Designs in Oslo, he has been inspired to develop his own products. Yanni is the administrative general manager and has previously, among other things, worked as tourism manager for Lofoten.Stefan Papir is a Norwegian brand run by Stefan Govasli and Jan Rune Vikan. Their vision is to offer products with a frugal and comprehensive design, and from the workshop at Tøyen they design, among other things, gift wrapping paper, paper bags, labels, gift ribbons and stickers. All the paper is recyclable and several of the products are made from recycled paper. After working with paper since 2001, Govasli was inspired to develop his own products. He is currently responsible for design, purchasing and product development at Stefan Papir, in addition to being head of the paper department at Norway Designs.

  • Dimensions:A3 (30x45cm) 3mm thick.
  • Material:PVC
  • Color:Grey