Stefan Papir

Wax stamp head 1 Heart

Kr 200

A wax stamp is a stamp for making impressions in wax or varnish. The motif on this stamp is of a heart. The head is made of brass. Diameter of the stamp is 2.5 cm. Can be used to seal envelopes or make seals on packages.

How to use the Wax Stamp:
Light the wick on the sealing wax and drip onto the field to be sealed. How much you need to drip depends on the size of your stamp. In this case, the diameter of the piston is 2.5 cm, so it is sufficient to drip a field of approx. 2 cm. Then make an impression in the wax with the stamp. Press down firmly so that you make a good impression. Wait approx. 20-30 seconds before removing the stamp so that the wax has time to harden.

You need a shaft for the wax stamp in addition to wax.

Stefan Papir is a Norwegian brand run by Stefan Govasli and Jan Rune Vikan. Their vision is to offer products with a frugal and comprehensive design, and from the workshop at Tøyen they design, among other things, gift wrapping paper, paper bags, labels, gift ribbons and stickers. All the paper is recyclable and several of the products are made from recycled paper. After working with paper since 2001, Govasli was inspired to develop his own products. He is currently responsible for design, purchasing and product development at Stefan Papir, in addition to being head of the paper department at Norway Designs.

  • Dimensions:2.5 cm
  • Material:Brass