Sprekenhus Precious Body Oil 236ml

Kr 800

Precious Body Oil is a nourishing and exquisite oil. On the skin, it feels silky and the scent of Amber Infatuation merges with oils of almond, argan and macadamia nut. The fragrance Amber infatuation is Sprekenhus' signature fragrance.

Sprekenhus was established in Oslo in 2010 by Alexander Sprekenhus. Sprekenhus combines plant-based and laboratory-produced ingredients to create effective and well-balanced formulas. Their products are made with great commitment and joy in creating. As one of the most antioxidant-rich oils, they rate Argan oil very highly. The natural oil is their signature and is included in the products and provides unique and nurturing properties.

  • Crowd: 125 ml
  • Area of ​​use:Use the pipette to transfer the desired amount into the palm of your hand and apply directly to the skin. Massage thoroughly, working from the top down until the oil is completely absorbed.Like a bath: pour in a generous cap.
  • Ingredients: Rik on essential fatty acids and is suitable for even the most delicate, dry or irritated skin. Argan oil (virgin) has a high content of vitamin E, fatty acids and sterols. It nourishes even dry, sensitive skin and gives it long-term protection by fighting free radicals. Macadamia nut oil leaves the skin nourished, soft and soothed
    Amber is fossilized tree resin, valued for its color and natural beauty since Neolithic times. When used as a fragrance, amber is sweet, delicate and sensual with powdery, vanilla and oriental accents.