Son Venïn

Son Venin Santal Super Perfume 50ml

Kr 1.550

Supplier: Son Venin
Scent: Santal Super
Top: pepper, bergamot, green notes
Heart: eucalyptus, incense, cardamom, jasmine
Bottom: sandalwood, cedar and white musk
Quantity: 50ML

Son Venïn Santal Super is a full, confident, democratic and warm perfume that you want to hug all day.

It is atmospheric, warm fragrant with a bit of pepper, the fresh balance of pure jasmine with hints of cardamom. Spherical with eternally loving sandalwood and cedar notes along with epic ISO E-Super.

Son Venin

Son Venin is a Norwegian perfume brand with headquarters in Oslo. They value both the sensory experience and the visual presentation. With a respectful and discreet approach, they create experimental, intimate perfumes that fuse a continental feel with our Scandinavian background. The search for the best ingredients took them from Norway to the south of France, where they have worked with some of the world's finest and most experienced noses. Son Venin has produced a number of fragrances, ranging from clean and simple to more complex compositions.

Son Venin believes in craftsmanship and a strong concept. Everything from fragrance, packaging and perfume bottles reflects their Scandinavian roots. The fragrance compositions are sophisticated and charismatic, made from the best ingredients, without unnecessary chemicals.