Skagerak Dania Cutting board 56x35cm Teak

Kr 3.100

A beautiful teak bed. The pieces of teak wood are put together in a beautiful pattern, and each plank is thus also unique. Teak contains oils that have natural antibacterial properties and is resistant to moisture. The cutting board is gentle on the knife and is made to last a long time. The felt has built-in grips on each side and a blood border along the edge.

Skagerak by Fritz Hansen is an international design brand that was originally started in 1976 in Denmark and was acquired by Fritz Hansen in 2022. Skagerak has always focused on designing and producing high-quality furniture and interiors that can last for generations. They have a great collection of benches, mirrors, cutting boards and much more, all with a Scandinavian feel. At Skagerak, the classics live side by side with completely new designs.

  • Design:Skagerak Design
  • Material:FSC-certified Teak
  • Dimensions:56x35cm

Can be maintained with cooking oil, (not
olive oil, it can go rancid)