Siv Asbjørnsen

Siv Asbjørnsen Necklace with Silver/Amazonite/Plexi

Kr 2.250

Beautiful necklace with elements in silver, amazonite and plexiglass . The piece of jewelery is unique.

Siv Asbjørnsen makes jewelery in silver and acrylic. In addition, she uses stones, glass, nylon, enamel and other materials as decorative elements. She prefers clear, clean shapes and often starts from the basic geometric shapes. They offer an incredible number of possibilities, individually or in combination. She draws inspiration from past cultures and the Art Deco style era. The materials themselves can also be a very important source of inspiration. Perhaps they have a story to tell, memories from a trip, or an old button she has had for a long time. Silver, her favorite material, ties it all together to her distinctive style.

  • Material:925 silver, amazonite and plexiglass
  • Color:Turquoise

Can be washed gently with mild soapy water to remove dirt.