Silje Nesdal

Silje Nesdal Book support Breksje Trekant

Kr 1.500

The Breksje bookend is made of Norwegian natural stone and has an incredibly beautiful play of colours.

The bookend is shaped from Grønnssteinbreksje, extracted from 450-500 million year old rock. The stone is Norwegian, and comes from a quarry Landøy Brimmen Stone on Værlandet, an island at the far end of Sunnfjord. The bookend also comes in the stone type conglomerate - Konglo - which is a lighter variant.

Grønnsteinbreksje is a partly volcanic rock of old oceanic crust from the breakdown of the ocean area west of Norway 425 million years ago. The rock consists of volcanic rocks and heated conglomerate of coarse material, cemented together by brownish gray sandstone.

*Each stone is different and may differ from the picture*

Silje Nesdal grew up by the deep fjords of Western Norway, where long traditions in furniture design and woolen textiles are still relevant. Today, Silje works as a furniture designer based in Oslo. She has previous experience as a clothing designer, and works interdisciplinary with all materials in the design of her products.

Traditional craft techniques and modern production used in the design and manufacture of the product have provided ideas for the realization of her product and design. Sustainability and the use of durable materials, as well as subtle design, help to create a product that stands the test of time.

Silje's design language is clean and minimalist, and stays in Finland and Japan in particular have influenced and inspired Silje in her work as a designer and is a consistent part of the design behind her furniture and products.

  • Material:Stone
  • Dimensions:9 x 9 x 18 cm
  • Color:Shades of grey, brown and black