Shepherd of Sweden

Shepherd of Sweden Kerri Warming bottle Sheepskin Carbon

Kr 650

Supplier: Shepherd of Sweden
Cover in sheepskin, plastic hot water bottle from Fashy
Dimensions: 23x35 cm
Color: Carbon
Washing instructions: Det it is recommended to wait to wash the cover as long as possible. If the sheepskin must be washed, use a cold wool program in the washing machine. Drying should be as natural as possible, i.e. let it dry by itself at normal room temperature.

This hot water bottle from the Swedish Shepherd of Sweden is a soft and classic hot water bottle with a sheepskin cover.

The hot water bottle can be used under the duvet or to soften tense and sore muscles.

Shepherd of Sweden

Shepherd of Sweden was founded in 1982 and is a lifestyle company with offices and warehouse in Svenljunga and own production in Europe. The vision is to give the market the world's most attractive brand for sheepskin and sheep wool products with a Scandinavian design.