Sakura 05 Pigma Micron 0.45mm Blue

Kr 50

The Pigma Micron pens were the first "fine-liners" for writing and drawing, which were both waterproof and had quick-drying pigment ink. The dowel gives a permanent result. Lightfast to both sunlight and UV light. Acid-free and resistant to chemicals.

Suitable for writing, drawing and for use with e.g. watercolor colors. Attaches to both paper, wood, fabric and cardboard. Very thin and precise tip reinforced with metal. Available in several different line widths.

Sakura was established in 1921 and since then has continuously worked to develop innovative, high-quality coloring and writing implements. As the creator of products such as the oil pastel Cray-Pas and the technology behind the gel ink in gel pens, Sakura has undoubtedly changed our view of color and writing.

  • Brand:Pigma Micron
  • Color:Blue
  • Dimensions:L: 13.5cm
  • Line width:0.45mm