Spark arrestor Tempered Glass/Black

Kr 6.850

Minimalistic and elegant spark arrestor in tempered glass and black powder-coated steel from Swiss Sägi.

In order to ensure good draft for your fire, there must be a clearance between the fireplace and the fire trap of at least 15 cm in both height and width.

Note that tempered glass cannot withstand large temperature changes. Therefore, be careful not to place the spark arrester very close to the flames, and pay particular attention if you are going to light the fire in a very cold room. Tempered glass also does not withstand impacts.

Should the accident happen, and the glass breaks, it will shatter into very small and harmless pieces. The glass can be replaced if you are unlucky enough to break it.

Sägi is a Swiss company, run by Peter Sägesser, who also designed most of the collection they make. Since the 1950s, Sägi has produced and designed quality metal products for interiors and kitchens. Sägi specializes in fireplace products and produces a limited number of its products each year.

  • Material:Glass and steel
  • Dimensions:W: 70cm H: 50cm D: 15.5cm