Rosendahl AJ Station Alarm Clock 11cm Green/White

Kr 1.350

The elegant Station table clock was originally designed in 1939, when Arne Jacobsen designed the home of the director of the electricity company Lauritz Knudsen.

The beautiful clock has a diameter of 11 cm and has both a snooze function and a light sensor, which makes the clock ideal for use as an alarm clock in the bedroom. The design is stylish with clean lines and a simple expression that fits perfectly into every modern home.

Rosendahl was founded in 1984 by the visionary Erik Rosendahl who believed that quality design should be available to everyone. His vision and ambition culminated in what is today one of Denmark's best-known design houses. Rosendahl's design philosophy is to make every day beautiful with products created to celebrate both life's big anniversaries and the small everyday moments.

  • Designer:Arne Jacobsen
  • Material:PMMA, plastic
  • Dimensions:Ø110m / H12cm x W11cm x D6.7cm
  • Color:Green/White
  • Features:Alarm function, snooze function and light sensor. Quartz movement / 2 AA batteries. (batteries are purchased separately)