Rosendahl AJ Bankers Wall Clock 16cm White

Kr 2.100
Supplier: Rosendahl
Designer: Arne Jacobsen

Material: Tempered glass and plastic
Dimensions: Ø16cm

Features: Movement RHYTME, battery AA 1.5V (batteries are purchased separately)

Arne Jacobsen designed this clock when he was commissioned to design a clock for Denmark's National Bank in 1971. The Bankers clock has also become an icon for the home and is true to the original drawings.


Since 1984, Rosendahl Copenhagen has been associated with simple and functional design for the home. Rosendahl wants to make every day beautiful, with products created to celebrate both life's big anniversaries and everyday small moments. They work with leading designers and are convinced that good design arises in the balance between practical ideas and precise execution. Rosendahl is known for working with geometric shapes in a clear and intuitive design language, which ends in products that fit in without shouting too loudly