Røros Tweed

Mikkel half Blanket Pastel

Kr 1.350

The Mikkel series was launched at ICFF in New York in 2015, and was voted best textile at the ICFF Editors Awards. The motifs combine a geometric pattern inspired by the Bauhaus movement and Norwegian weaving traditions with modern use of colour. The collection consists of large blankets, half-sized blankets, baby blankets, cushions and seating mats.

The half-Blanket size is perfect if you want a blanket over your legs, but not so big that it covers you all over.

With origins dating back to the 18th century, Røros Tweed makes fantastic quality woolen blankets in the factory located 600 meters above sea level. The large factory started up in 1952 and before that many of the products were made at home by the residents of Røros. Since then, Røros Tweed has experimented with Norwegian wool and developed textile products of high quality and good design. They have collaborated with several Norwegian designers to create a modern design that continues to be inspired by Røro's aesthetic and cultural heritage.

  • Design:Kristine Five Melvær
  • Material:100% Norwegian lamb's wool
  • Dimensions:135x100 cm
  • Color:Pastel

Remember that wool can be aired many times before being washed. Stains can be removed with a little soap and water. When you need to wash the blanket, it can be hand washed at 30°C with a mild soap, squeeze out the water and let the blanket dry flat. Follow the instructions on the product.