Henrik Rasmussen

Rasmussen & Mork Candlestick Medium White

Kr 1.100

Henrik Rasmussen has made these lovely porcelain candlesticks from Hilde Mork's design.

This fine collaboration between Henrik Rasmussen and Hilde Mork started a few years ago when Mork moved out of the family home in Telemark, and into her new house in Nesodden. Mork wanted to fill the house with white candlesticks to embrace the Nordic light. The inside is glazed, the outside matt, with lovely, uneven edges. The candlesticks are hand-turned and unique. There are fine cracks in the glaze, which shows that the product is handmade and it will not make the candlestick more fragile.

 * The candlesticks will all be slightly different, the pictures are intended as an illustration * 

Hilde Mørk is a Norwegian graphic designer and photographer and Henrik Rasmussen turns utility objects in stoneware and porcelain with a focus on function and form. All products are handmade in Rasmussen's workshop in Porsgrunn, and each product will therefore be unique.

  • Supplier:Henrik Rasmussen
  • Material:Porcelain with glazed interior
  • Dimensions:Ø approx. 16cm H4.5cm (handmade ceramics may vary slightly in dimensions)
  • Color:White

Hand wash only