Poster & Frame

Poster 30x40cm Fleurs Violettes

Kr 555

Poster with an abstract motif of Sissan Richardt.

Sissan Richardt is an artist and illustrator based in Aarhus, Denmark.
She studied at Design School Kolding and La Accedemia di Belle Arti di Brera, Milan. She creates abstract shapes in bright colors with more figurative works that at first glance look simple and delicious, but it is often a little darker underneath.

Poster & Frame is a Scandinavian design webshop, established in 2018. The concept is new, confident and solid. Poster & Frame is a start-up, but the team behind the company is an experienced team, which for the past six years has worked hard in the Danish design, advertising and design industry. Where Poster & Frame really stands out from other poster shops is that each order is individually produced. In this way, paper consumption is kept low, and sustainability is kept high.

  • Illustration:Sissan Richardt
  • Material:265g art paper
  • Dimensions:30x40cm. Frame is purchased separately.