Poster & Frame

Poster 30x40cm Vase of Flowers

Kr 435

The poster with the motif "Vase of Flowers" was designed by Sharyn Bursic.

Sharyn Bursic is a self-taught artist who has had a lifelong passion for art and creative expression. She finds inspiration in feelings, memories and in the surrounding environment. She wants to create a connection between the viewer and the artwork itself, which in turn leads to the viewer leaving a bit of themselves in the art.

Poster & Frame is a Scandinavian design webshop, established in 2018. The concept is new, confident and solid. Poster & Frame is a start-up, but the team behind the company is an experienced team, which for the past six years has worked hard in the Danish design, advertising and design industry. Where Poster & Frame really stands out from other poster shops is that each order is individually produced. In this way, paper consumption is kept low, and sustainability is kept high.

  • Illustration:Sharyn Bursic
  • Material:265g art paper
  • Dimensions:30x40cm. Frame is purchased separately.