Oslo Aula

Oslo Aula Preg Bread Basket Large

Kr 1.850

Preg is a series of objects from Aula where the ornament plays the main role.

The Preg series consists of a dish, a dish, three different serving dishes, a bread basket and a butter spoon.

Bread basket Wicker and tied baskets can be traced back in Norwegian history from early Viking times, and with the basket's many forms and functions, it has historically played an important role in Norwegian everyday life.

In the Smørrebrød series, Aula has taken inspiration from Japanese braiding methods, and braided an asymmetrical and sculptural basket that contrasts with the specific shape of smørøskjens. Each basket is unique. Food safe.

Produced in Norway.

Aula is an anthropological design agency that develops visual expressions within a spectrum of the design field, such as branding, set design, interior architecture and product development. The common denominator in their work is that they draw an anthropological way of thinking into the subject of design, i.e. the study of people and cultures.

Aula's main goal is to uncover and understand how we humans shape and are shaped by our surroundings; the homes we live in, the things we surround ourselves with and the art we like. By entering into our projects with a focus on these relationships between people, space and object, they constantly work in parallel between actor and recipient, and in that way create a more directed and sustainable final product.

  • Material:Reeds
  • Dimensions:Approx. Ø 36 x H 19 cm

Wipe off with a well-wrung cloth