Opro Petite Bracelet Silver/Blue/Grey Blue/White

Kr 3.285
Supplier: Opro
Material: 925 Silver, Enamel
Dimensions: Length approx. 19cm
Colour: Multi-coloured Blue, Grey-blue, White. Handmade enamel may vary slightly in color shades.

Maintenance: Store the jewelry in an airtight bag when not in use to prevent it from oxidizing. Can be polished with jewelry cloth. For more information on the maintenance of enamel jewellery, see here .

Timeless bracelet with elements in enamel in beautiful blue colours. The bracelet is from Opro and manufactured in Oslo .


Opro is one of Norway's oldest goldsmith's workshops and is located in the center of Oslo. The name Opro is an acronym for Ole Petter Rasch-Olsen, who took over the goldsmith's workshop after Finn Jensen in 1976. Today, the company is continued by his daughter and master goldsmith June Rasch-Olsen. Opro mainly makes silver jewelery with enamel. Enamel is crushed glass with various metal oxides added - which in turn give colour. It is a demanding subject, which Opro masters to the tips of his fingers.