Anna Maria Øfstedal Eng

Øfstedal Eng Eld Candlestick Recycled Tin

Kr 1.950

Eld is a sculptural candlestick made of recycled tin, inspired by nature's organic reproductions. Inspired by an uncontrolled multiplication that grows into something completely distinctive, is

Eld is an object made of solid tin that fascinates both as a sculpture, but also as a functional object.

Anna Maria Øfstedal Eng graduated with a master's in product design from OsloMet - Storbyuniversitetet where she explored aesthetic expressions in Norwegian acid birch and local blue clay. She is inspired by forms and materials from nature, where mysterious stories and craftsmanship meet in new interpretations. The objects tend to be sculptural utility objects, much due to her intuitive and abstract approach in design, where material meets product.

  • Supplier:Anna Maria Øfstedal Eng
  • Material:100% recycled tin
  • Dimensions:L: 14 W: 12 H: 5 cm
  • Weight:1.9 kg

Hand washing