Odd Standard

Odd Standard Bowl 11 Bowl 0.4L Green/Green

Kr 615

Supplier: Odd Standard
Material: Stoneware with glazed inside and partially glazed outside
Dimensions: 0.4 L Ø:11cm H:7cm (handmade ceramics may vary slightly in dimensions)
Colour: Green/Green
Maintenance: Dishwasher safe

Bowl 11 from Odd Standard is perfect for soup, for a breakfast cereal or as a small snack bowl. Bowl 11 is available in several different glazes.

Odd Standard

Odd Standard was founded in 2014 by the duo Tonje Sandberg and Constance Gaard Kristiansen, and produces crockery, both for high-profile restaurants with a sense of quality and creativity, but also for Norway Designs. In the micro factory in Stavanger, they use a machine to wrap each part, which ensures that the bed linen is pretty much the same from time to time. The production is nevertheless largely characterized by handwork, and makes each part unique. The tableware floats in the borderland between art and utensils, industry and craftsmanship, and lifts the meal to a new level.