Nedre Foss

Nedre Foss Nunatak Candlestick Black

Kr 3.380

Supplier: Nedre Foss
Designer: Anderssen & Voll
Material: Cast iron
Dimensions: H: 24cm, L: 35cm, 5600g 
Washing instructions: Hand wash

Nunatak is a four-arm candlestick in cast iron designed by Anderssen & Voll.
With all the lights lit, it turns any occasion into a party.
The form is architectural; like a skyline or a structure of buildings, but it also reminds us of something organic; like antlers or about geological formations, reflected in the name Nunatak: a hill or mountain completely surrounded by a glacier.

Lower Waterfall

Nedre Foss was started by the design duo Anderssen & Voll in 2009. The core of Nedre Foss' design is the term "Century Product" and what they refer to as utility sculpture. By this is meant objects that will serve you for at least 100 years, and where the sculptural properties on the one hand and the aspect of use on the other are equal parts of the function. It may not need to be mentioned that quality and longevity also play a large role in product development for Nedre Foss.