Naaz Ceramic

Naaz Ceramic Mini Bruties Vase The Tower

Kr 625

Supplier: Naaz Ceramic
Siqi Chen
Material: Sand clay, cream/transparent glaze
Dimensions: 6x6x10cm 
Colour: Sand
Maintenance: Hand wash . Wash it carefully after use with warm water and soap, and dry with a soft cloth.

This collection from Naaz Ceramic is a curated selection of Siqi's latest output, springing from his fascination with the enigmatic geometries of Brutalist architecture.

Naaz Ceramic

Naaz Ceramic is a solo project by Siqi Chen, a designer born in China, raised in Italy and currently based in Oslo.
The style of Naaz is the result of ongoing design research, a balance between the delicate Chinese aesthetic, the personality of Italian design heritage and the muted tones and materiality of Scandinavian inspiration.