Washitape 15mmx7m Mizu

Kr 60

A paper tape in the color "Mizu" which is a clear blue colour. Good adhesive function and easy to remove.

MT (Masking Tape) was started by 3 female designers from Tokyo who started experimenting with industrial masking tape and discovered all the possibilities that lay in this product. They created an inspiration book where they presented all the possibilities that lay in masking tape and presented it to the company Kamoi. The Kamoi were equally enthusiastic about what they saw, and there the adventure began. What was once only an industrial product has now become something that can be used for a variety of things, the possibilities are endless. You can use it to decorate, to wrap beautiful gifts, it's basically only your imagination that sets the limit.

  • Goal:15mm x 7m
  • Color:Blue / Mizu
  • Material:Washi paper