Mondaine SBB Evo2 Petite Wristwatch 26mm White/Steel

Kr 3.190

Supplier: Mondaine
Designer: Hans Hilfiker
Model: Evo Petite / A658.30301.11SBV
Function: Time / Quartz clock
Water resistance: 30/100/3
Material: Sapphire glass and polished stainless steel.
Dimensions: Dial 36mm. Strap 12mm
Colors: Polished Metal strap. White dial
Swiss Made


The official Swiss railway watch from Mondaine has a clear graphic design with distinctive hands and the famous red seconds hand that has made these watches famous all over the world.


Back in the 1940s, Swiss Federal Railways (SBB) wanted to highlight its reputation for punctuality and asked Hans Hilfiker to design a solid legible clock. The clock should not only form the basis of SBB's identity, but also help to ensure correct departures. Hans Hilfiker, who was known for creating products that were both functional and well designed, designed the clock in 1944. Despite having no numbers on the dial, the clock is legible with only a quick glance. The red seconds hand is a small copy of the station attendant's hand-held departure signal, and has become a symbol of punctuality in Switzerland.