Mifuko Soap dish

Kr 350

Square soap dish that allows the water to drip into the bottom tray, making it easy to empty and making it easier for the soap to dry between uses.

The soap dish is hand-carved from soapstone, a white stone, each with unique pink, brown, yellow or black marbling.

Handmade in Kenya.

Mifuko was started by two friends from Finland who studied arts and crafts together at the University of Helsinki. The idea of ​​Mifuko was born at a market in Nairobi, Kenya where they were both amazed by the quality of the products they saw and an idea to share it with a wider audience was born. Minna and Mari founded Mifuko with a clear goal: to combine Nordic design and traditional African craftsmanship to form a business that directly benefits the people of rural Kenya.

It has been important to the founders of Mifuko that the company should look after and improve the welfare and living conditions of women in Africa. Mifuko is a verified Fairtrade company and all the products that are made are unique and signed by the craftsman who made the individual product.

In Swahili, Mifuko means pocket - and the idea behind choosing the name was that you don't want anyone to be left with empty pockets.

  • Material:Glue stone
  • Dimensions:H: 13.3cm x W: 10cm x L: 7.5cm
  • Country of manufacture:The hand complaint in Kenya
  • Be aware that salt and soap products containing salt can corrode soapstone and can cause it to break. Colored soap can stain.