Pulp Pencil Gray

Kr 150

With the pencil case Pulp Storage, Japanese Midori offers a green and environmentally friendly alternative for storing pens and small items. The pencils can be stacked and weigh next to nothing. They are made from old newsprint and it is only the elastic that you cannot recycle.

Midoris Pulp storages won Good Design in 2015.

Midori is a Japanese brand that designs and sells exclusive stationery, notebooks and calendars. They began producing writing paper and envelopes in 1950, and have since then expanded their range to include pencils, rulers, paper clips and a range of paper products. Midori creates high quality products with a vision to enrich our daily lives and make them more colorful.

  • Material:Recycled newsprint
  • Dimensions:66 x 191 x 32mm
    Made in Japan