Maya 2000 Dinner fork Steel

Kr 270

Dinner fork in the classic Maya 2000 cutlery series.

Maya 2000 was launched at the turn of the millennium as an upgrade of the award-winning and world-renowned Maya cutlery. The Norwegian designer Tias Eckhoff designed this classic in 1962 for Norsk Stålpress.

Maya 2000 is a longer and slimmer variant than the original Maya and fits even better with today's table settings.

Stelton was started in 1960 and is a Danish manufacturer of classic functional Nordic design. Stelton was started by Niels Stellan Høm and Carton Madelaire, who by combining their first names created one of the best-known design brands in Denmark. Stellan and Carton first started selling sports shoes and furniture. Still, it was when they heard about a small factory in Fårevejle in Denmark, which was called "Danish Rustfree" that it all got really started. Together with international and Danish designers, they developed timeless products in steel. Stelton is behind iconic design objects such as Arne Jacobsen's Cylinda line and Erik Magnussen's EM77 thermos jug.

Design:Tias Eckhoff
Dimensions:L: 20.2cm H: 2cm W: 2.7cm

Dishwasher safe