Maria Øverbye

Maria Øverbye Seated Woman 4

Kr 4.500

Beautiful sculpture made by Maria Øverbye. The sculpture shows a seated woman with both hands resting on her right thigh.

Maria Øverbye (b.1969) is a Norwegian ceramicist and visual artist from Oslo.
She has studied painting and drawing at Nydalen Art School and has taken
ceramics course with Anne Britt Soma Reienes. She lives in Kjelsås, Oslo, in an old school from 1880 with a workshop in the garden. Maria Øverbye has made sculptures from stoneware clay and painted paintings for the past 20 years. The hurtful, interpersonal, shameful, childish and restless recur in her works.

  • Materials:Stoneware clay
  • Dimensions:H:21cm, d:18cm, w:18cm
  • Color:Dark and light clay

Wipe over with a dry cloth