Scented candle Foris 450g

Kr 500

The scented candle from Lowri with the scent Foris is handmade at Bislett in Oslo. It consists of 50% soy wax and 50% coconut wax and Foris oil.

The fragrance Foris is a spicy and sexy scent of luxurious sandalwood mixed with musk and spicy cardamom. The top notes are sandalwood and cardamom, the middle notes are amber and water lily and the base is musk and vanilla.

Lowrí is a Norwegian brand established by Helene Hanalla in 2020. Lowrí
produces scented candles where the light has an embossed logo and in itself looks like one
candle in a container, but which is only a cube candle and burns down without leaving a trace
the packaging that you would otherwise have to throw away. Lowrí has ​​all its production at Bislett i
Oslo and their design is simple and has a focus on sustainability. They use environmentally friendly
ingredients that are gentle on nature.

  • Material:50% soy wax 50% coconut wax. 30-40 grams of phthalate-free perfume oil.
  • Dimensions:H: 9.5cm Ø: 8.5cm 450gr
  • Color:Pink
  • Cut the wick so that it is no higher than 5mm each time before you light the candle, so it burns cleaner. If the candle burns with a lot of smoke or a high flame, the wick is too long. If so, blow out the candle and cut the wick.
  • Do not burn the candle for more than 3-4 hours at a time
  • Avoid placing the light in direct sunlight to preserve the color.
  • The candle should never burn near anything else that can catch fire and never leave a room with a burning candle.
  • The candle must be considered burnt down when there is 2.5cm left of the candle