Lovely Linen

Lovely Linen Classic Tablecloth 150x380cm Black

Kr 1.750

Elegant tablecloth in 100% linen that brings coziness to both everyday and party tables .

By using a tablecloth base, the tablecloth will lie nice and firm and will not slide on the surface of the table. It will also protect the dining table against shocks, moisture and stains.

Lovely Linen has been making linen products for the home since 1992 and is a Swedish company in Kristianstad. With a penchant for the imperfect, they are inspired by linen's 1,000-year history and fantastic material properties. Linen absorbs water 50% better than cotton and dries quickly again. The linen products of Lovely Linen are washed so that they are extra soft and give a beautiful living structure that adds life and warmth to the home.

  • Material:100% linen
  • Color:Black
  • Dimensions:150x380cm
  • Wash at 60°C.
  • Before the first wash, it pays to put the cloth in lukewarm water for 1 hour. This softens the linen fibers and makes the cloth less wrinkled.
  • Wash with a high water level in the machine (own function) and low spin (600-800 revolutions).
  • Hang the cloth to dry, and iron it when it is semi-dry. The cloth can be tumble dried.
  • The linen will fray a little, this will disappear after a few washes. To reduce pilling, please iron the cloth after the first wash to bond the fibers
  • The cloth shrinks approx. 5-7% from the stated measurements.