L:A Bruket

L:A Bruket 152 Scented candle Coriander 50g

Kr 270

Scented candle in a beautiful mouth-blown glass with the scent of Coriander.

The therapeutic properties of Aetheroleum Coriander are traditionally known to strengthen the mind and combat anxiety. The scent of coriander and mint is relaxing, and provides spiritual and emotional inspiration.

LA Bruket is a natural and organic skincare brand from Sweden's west coast. They use innovative recipes without chemicals that have been developed to protect the skin in cooperation with nature. Monica Kylén and Mats Johansson started L:A Bruket in 2008 to follow their vision of developing products that only contain natural molecules that the skin can absorb and utilize, inspired by the harsh coastal climate.

  • Material:Glass
  • Ingredients:Soy wax
  • Fragrance:Coriander no 152
  • Area of ​​application:Aromatherapy scented candle
  • Crowd:50g 14 hours


  • To make the scented candle last a long time and to get the most out of the scent, it is wise to light the candle only for shorter periods.
  • Cut the wick so that it is between 5-7 mm before lighting the candle.
  • Be sure to put the candle on a surface that can withstand the heat if you burn the candle all the way down.
  • Never leave candles burning unattended.