L:A Bruket

L:A Used 065 Bath salt Peppermint 450g

Kr 270

Sea salt bath with peppermint to give yourself and your body a little break in everyday life. Minerals from the sea salt together with peppermint oil have an anti-inflammatory effect and loosen sore muscles and pain. Effectively counteracts fatigue and stress. Can also be used as a refreshing foot bath. Organic and/or natural ingredients.

Pour 4 tablespoons into a bathtub filled with warm water and let the salt dissolve. Stay in the bath for 20 relaxing minutes.

LA Bruket is a natural and organic skincare brand from Sweden's west coast. They use innovative recipes without chemicals that have been developed to protect the skin in cooperation with nature. Monica Kylén and Mats Johansson started L:A Bruket in 2008 to follow their vision of developing products that only contain natural molecules that the skin can absorb and utilize, inspired by the harsh coastal climate.

  • Fragrance:Peppermint
  • Area of ​​use:Bathtub
  • Crowd:450g
  • Ingredients:Mint leaves, Salt