Kosta Boda

Kosta Boda Drifter Blue

Kr 3.400

Supplier: Kosta Boda
Artist: Bertil Vallien
Material: Glass

Dimensions: 28x4x4.5cm
Colour: Blue

Drifter from Kosta Boda is a glass sculpture that reflects outer space with a copper figure that floats freely inside the sculpture. The sculpture is a piece of robust craftsmanship and has a simple and stylish appearance. It is part of the Boat series and was designed by Bertil Vallien.

The artist Bertil Vallien has always been fascinated by the boat's beautiful shape and what it stands for: income, adventure, travel, birth and death. Drifter also has a solid foundation that means it stands firmly, without a stand.

Costa Boda

Kosta Boda is one of the world's leading brands in glassblowing and glass art. Their ovens and glass huts in Småland have been in use since 1742 and today several well-known designers work in their studios around Kosta and in close collaboration with the craftsmen. In close dialogue, they explore and challenge traditional techniques and develop new techniques in the cabins when designs and ideas are to be realised.