Kosta Boda

Kosta Boda Beginning Glass Sculpture Half Boat Blue

Kr 14.000

Bertil Vallien often returns to the boat shape, which has become one of his signature expressions, where the variation lies in the size and the symbols the boat carries. Bertil sees the boat as a symbol of freedom and solitude.

"The boat has always fascinated me, both for its beautiful shape and for what it means: income, adventure, travel, birth and death. A symbol that belongs to our collective consciousness. We all have a respectful relationship with the boat. The fisherman in the archipelago does not cut up his tired boat; When she can't take it anymore, she can rest in peace and slowly feed new boats" - Bertil Vallien.

Kosta Boda is one of the world's leading brands in glassblowing and glass art. Their ovens and glass huts in Småland have been in use since 1742 and today several well-known designers work in their studios around Kosta and in close collaboration with the craftsmen. In close dialogue, they explore and challenge traditional techniques and develop new techniques in the cabins when designs and ideas are to be realised.

  • Supplier:Costa Boda
  • Artist:Bertil Vallien
  • Materials:Glass
  • Dimensions:H: 32cm, Ø: 9cm
  • Color:Blue

Can be wiped with a soft cloth