Khadi Papers

Khadi Rag Pulp (Cotton Rag Pulp) 500 grams

Kr 150

The cloth mass (PLP C) is a 100% recycled product from cotton fabric. Used for paper production, paper mache and paper sculpture. The pulp has been processed in India in a "papermaking beater" for several hours so that it is ready for paper production.

Instructions for use: Tear up the dry cloth mass and add water. Stir gently until the consistency is smooth.  

In the early 1980s, Khadi were the first to introduce Indian handmade paper to artists and designers in and around London. Khadi worked closely with paper manufacturers in India, and later also in Nepal and Bhutan.

Over twenty years ago, they also established their own paper mill in India together with their partner Vasudevan. He is a former director of the Handmade Paper Institute in Pune, an all-India research and training institute. The factory is located just outside the village of Tarihal near Hubil in Karnataka, South India. This is a cotton growing area and Hubil has the largest cotton market in Asia. Cotton is the raw material in Khadi's papers, so this is a suitable location for the factory.

  • Dimensions:A3 (approx. 29.7 x 42cm)
  • Crowd:500 grams
  • Material:The cloth mass (PLP C) is a 100% recycled product from cotton fabric. The product is acid-free. Made in India.