Kay Bojesen

Kay Bojesen Menageri Wine rack H11cm Walnut

Kr 500

A beautiful wine winder dark walnut in the Menageri series. The wine opener can be completed with a bottle opener in the same series, and together they give an exclusive expression. Both parts are beautifully processed and nice to the touch, so that you get both an aesthetic and a tactile experience when you open a bottle.

The grip is nice and both the corkscrew and the opener feel good in the hand. You both clearly see and feel Kay Bojesen's well-known round and soft style, which is his signature. Collectors and connoisseurs will be able to recognize both the opener and the corkscrew, both of which are original designs from Kay Bojesen's hand, now reintroduced in dark walnut, which contrasts nicely with the shiny steel

A small discreet logo is embossed in the wood, which has been treated with oil. It brings out the veins in the wood and makes the wood durable

Silversmith and designer Kay Bojesen is famous for his moving and moody wooden figures. He had a unique talent for bringing life to wood and he has designed more than 2000 objects. He is best known for his playful monkeys and other wooden toys, but has also designed cutlery, jugs and jewellery.

  • Design:Kaj Boyesen
  • Material:Oiled Walnut
  • Dimensions:Width 11cm x Height 11cm x Depth 2.50cm

Dust off with a dry cloth. Should not be in direct sunlight.