Kay Bojesen

Kay Bojesen Monkey Cat Small Teak

Kr 1.350

Kay Bojesen's monkey from 1951 came into the world as an idea for a row of pegs, but ended up becoming a world-famous little wooden monkey. In this model, the monkey is made of teak. The small sculptural figure with its various poses is perfect for the living room or the children's room.

Silversmith and designer Kay Bojesen is famous for his moving and moody wooden figures. He had a unique talent for bringing life to wood and he has designed more than 2000 objects. He is best known for his playful monkeys and other wooden toys, but has also designed cutlery, jugs and jewellery.

  • Design:Kay Bojesen
  • Material:Teak
  • Dimensions:H: 20cm

Dust off with a dry cloth. Should not be in direct sunlight.