Sketch Up Mechanical pencil 5.6mm Brass

Kr 665

A comfortable and very nice mechanical pencil from Kaweco that is perfect for drawing and sketching with. It comes with an octagonal pen body which makes it extra comfortable to hold.

It has a robust design and comes in a nice metal box with a nostalgic look. A pencil sharpener is hidden under the pen's detachable push button at the top.

KaWeCo (Federhalter-Fabrik Koch, Weber & Co) is based in Heidelberg, Germany. Since 1883, they have produced their well-known, classic fountain pens, and today they have a wide selection of pens, fountain pens and accessories.

  • Material:Aluminum
  • Color:Brass
  • Dimensions:L 104mm x D 13mm. Lead size: 5.6cm
    Metal case included.