Mølstad Glass

Kari Mølstad Vase Polished Old Pink

Kr 25.000

Mouth-blown vase from Kari Mølstad cut in an intricate and beautiful pattern. The pattern is repeated over the entire vase and is ground into the glass. This gives an exciting life and expression. The vase is unique.

Kari Mølstad is a glassblower and glass artist based in Lillehammer. She creates functional objects as well as unique works of art and masters the technical as well as the artistic at her fingertips. She draws inspiration from her surroundings and the changes in nature, but also from the material itself and plays with the different properties of glass. She likes to grind her work to the most beautiful surfaces, the expression is often stylish, timeless and always beautiful.

  • Dimensions:Width widest 22cm, Opening 5.5cm, Bottom 8cm. Height 32cm. Depth 16cm
  • Material: Mouth-blown Glass, ground
  • Color:Brown pink

Can be wiped with a damp cloth.