Iris Hantverk

Iris Handverk Soft Bath Brush Oak

Kr 380

Bath brush in oak and horsehair with a shaft that facilitates access over the entire body. Together with a good soap, it is perfect for cleaning. 

Iris Hantverk is a Swedish brand that is particularly known for its handmade brushes. At the end of the 20th century, a small brush factory was established in Stockholm, and it is this brush bindery that today forms the very heart of the business. At the factory in Enskede, several visually impaired craftsmen work tying brushes based on Swedish craft traditions. Richard Sparrenhök and Sara Edhäll took over the company in 2012 with a vision and aim to elevate the traditional craft profession. They do this by making use of the craftsmen's vast knowledge of brush binding to create products with functional and good design, combined with the quality of natural materials. Over the years, Iris Hantverk has expanded the collection to include pegs, mirrors and dishes.

  • Material:Oak and horsehair
  • Dimensions:L: 39 cm, W: 4 cm, H: 7 cm

Let the brush dry hanging or standing with the bristles down, so that the water is transported away from the wood, which is more sensitive to moisture.