Hillestad Stripe Ring Adjustable Silver

Kr 850

Supplier: Hillestad
Designer: Ditte Alstad
Material: 925 Silver
Dimensions: Adjustable size / W4mm
Maintenance: For tips on maintenance, see here

Beautiful ring in silver from the Stripe collection designed by Ditte Alstad for Hillestad.


The popular Hillestad jewelery is produced in Hillestad, where knowledge and craftsmanship have been passed down since the Viking Age. Reproductions of traditional bunad earrings are made there and several Norwegian artists are behind the designer jewellery. Every year, new designs are developed, which are cast in silver, pewter and bronze. 

Your Alstad
Ditte Alstad is an artisan with jewelery and metalwork as her field. She is a graduate of California State University Long Beach, School of Fine Arts, Department of Jewelry and Metalsmithing. She has made jewellery, preferably in silver, but also larger works in many different metals. Much of what Ditte makes is rooted in natural science, directly or indirectly. She is also very interested in the materials' properties and possibilities. In the creative process, she therefore goes back and forth, criss-crossing, between precisely the possibilities of the material, technical solutions, aesthetic expression and function.