Hightide Hourglass 30min Ready

Kr 430

This hourglass is not only a beautiful object on a desk but, it visualizes the passage of time and it reminds us how ignorant we are of how fast or slow 30 minutes actually is.

Time is subjective, and some philosophers may even suggest that time becomes the only true luxury we have in this modern age.

Hightide was established in 1994 in southern Japan. Hightide consists of two friends: a Japanese surfer and a designer, who decided to create a company based on the importance of being fulfilled both spiritually and emotionally. Hightide creates elegant retro and lifestyle designs. Through different lines, they have products that mix traditional Japanese design with everyday functionality. Their products are vibrant and stylish, making Hightide an excellent everyday stationery choice.

  • Time:30 min
  • Material: Glass and sand
  • Color:Clear and Black
  • Dimensions:H17.5xØ10cm