Heymat Doormat Loom Brick 60x85cm Orange

Kr 1.500

Supplier: Heymat
Design: Vera&Kyte
Material: Nylon and rubber
Colour: Yellow, orange, white
Dimensions: Approx. 60x85 cm. The size of a Heymat can vary from 1-2 cm in length/width. This is because the mats are cut by hand.
Washing instructions: Shake, clean if necessary and can be washed at 60°C in a washing machine.

High-quality door mat, with thick pile and rubberized backing from Norwegian Heymat.

Vera & Kyte have been inspired by sketches from Gunta Stolzl and Anni Albers, and created two door mats where the geometric composition is an abstraction of a weaving pattern and the rhythmic movement of a mechanical loom, hence "loom".

Gunta Stolzl was the first female teacher at the Bauhaus and is considered the most important artist and innovator in the field of weaving. In a design world dominated by men, the women were relegated to traditional weaving in their own "women's classes". Anni Albers was in her class and would develop into one of the most innovative textile artists of her time. She translated old weaving techniques into the modern design language that was so typical of the Bauhaus. Just like Gunta Stolzl, she also became one of the few women who taught at the male-dominated school. Gunta and Anni revolutionized this traditional craft.


The ambition is to give each customer a quality product, which they can fall in love with and enjoy for a long time. The mats are made from recycled materials, which are efficient and easy to maintain. The designs have been developed in collaboration with some of Norway's leading designers, and with timeless motifs, the mats also last visually.

Heymat's first collection was launched in 2016, and today the mats are sold in Norway, Japan, the USA and Canada. With a focus on function, the environment and modern, Norwegian design, Heymat will create spaces that are good to come home to.