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Heidi Kristiansen Bubble Dance Wine Glass Celadon

Kr 715

Supplier: Heidi Kristiansen
Dimensions: Height of the wine glasses is 16-17cm
Material: Mouth blown glass
Color: Celadon
Maintenance: We recommend hand washing the glasses and not changing the temperature of the water quickly from cold to hot or vice versa.

 * All the glasses are unique, the pictures are meant for illustration *

The idea behind the Bubbledance wine glasses was to create an art wine glass. Inspiration is derived from pop art, play, humor and optimism. A piece of chewing gum is part of the stem on the wine glass and the "bell/cup" was in clear glass, so you can see what you are drinking.
The cup has an artistic touch that blew asymmetric bubbles.

Due to the process of making asymmetric cups/clocks, no one is the same and makes each glass unique. People associate and see different shapes in them and the glasses often become a topic of conversation during dinner with guests.

 * All the glasses are unique, the pictures are meant for illustration *

Heidi Kristiansen

Heidi Kristiansen is a craftsman and glass artist based in Henningsvær, Lofoten. She designs and creates functional products, as well as unique works of art.
Heidi works a lot with movement and the organic in her design language and finds inspiration in the warm moving glass or observations of the landscape around us or the landscape inside us.
She has her education from The Royal Academy of Fine Arts, School of Design, Bornholm, Denmark and a three-year education from Glasskolan in Kosta, Sweden.