Hedvig Sommerfeldt

Hedvig Sommerfeldt Curved Forged Form w/ Wire Brass

Kr 640

Supplier: Hedvig Sommerfeldt
Material: Brass
Dimensions: Ø: 3.5, Thread can be adjusted
Maintenance: Store the product in an airtight bag when not in use to prevent oxidation. Can be washed gently with mild soapy water.

Timeless and classic necklaces from Hedvig Sommerfeldt produced in Norway .

Hedvig Sommerfeldt

Hedvig Sommerfeldt is the artist and designer behind HedSom Smykker. She is a metal and jewelery artist and obtained her master's degree from KHiO - the Academy of Arts in Oslo.
In 2015, two of her objects (in pure gold and oxidized silver) were acquired by the National Museum.
Hedvig has specialized in a hammer technique called hollowware technique. In this technique, hammering is central, and the focus is on building a volume from a flat metal plate.